Benefits of Two-Phase Treatment

Parents in Savannah, Rincon, and Pooler consistently wonder about the best treatment for their kids. Our team at Innovative Orthodontics gets that. Many of us are parents too. Dr. Waters and Dr. Clayton have seen countless young patients benefit from our two-phase orthodontic treatment. But what exactly is it, and how can it transform your child’s oral health? This blog will tell you everything you need to know about two-phase orthodontic treatment. It’s a powerful method. And it can help your child’s teeth to align perfectly and boost their oral health. It might sound too good to be true, but that’s precisely what two-phase treatment can achieve!

The Potential Of Two-Phase Treatment

You might be asking, “What is a two-phase treatment?” It’s a unique orthodontic approach with two primary objectives:

  1. Refining the alignment of your child’s teeth. 
  • We’re here to ensure those pearly whites find their perfect positions, ensuring a confident and healthy smile.
  1. Harmonize your child’s smile with the aesthetic lines of their jaw and face.
  • We go beyond just straightening teeth. Our goal is to create a harmonious balance between their beautiful smile and the natural contours of their face, resulting in an irresistible charm!

What does this mean for your child? It translates to a healthy, functional, stunning smile they can confidently flaunt for a lifetime.

Two-phase treatment is not just about aligning teeth but is more about proactive intervention and addressing potential issues before escalating. It’s steering your child’s oral development in a direction that paves the way for a lifetime of dazzling smiles. The best part? This approach is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s customized to your child’s needs to ensure they achieve the best possible results.


Two-Phase Treatment Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Grasping the two-phase treatment process might feel like trying to learn Latin. But fret not. We’re here to guide you through it.

The treatment is divided into two stages, hence the name. The first phase, or what we fondly call the “early intervention phase,” commences while your child still has most of their primary or “baby” teeth. This phase is about detecting significant problems early on, preventing them from becoming more severe and challenging to correct. 

It could involve:

  • Observing how your child’s jaw grows, 
  • Freeing up space for crowded teeth 
  • Fixing oral issues or habits that may lead to future issues

Then comes a resting period. We let nature take its course during this time, allowing the remaining permanent teeth to erupt naturally. This rest period is crucial as it enables your child’s jaw to develop fully, setting the stage for the next phase of treatment.

The second phase usually involves metal braces or clear aligners, like Invisalign. The focus here is on ensuring each tooth is situated in the right place in the mouth, which fine-tunes the teeth with the lips, cheeks, and tongue to create a sparkling, glorious smile. This is where the term “facial symmetry” comes into play. It refers to the shape and contours of your child’s face. 

By addressing orthodontic issues in two stages, we can often achieve results that are aesthetically pleasing but also stable and long-lasting. This approach allows us at Innovative Orthodontics to maximize your child’s growth and development to enhance their oral health.

Dr. Waters and Dr. Clayton have seen countless young patients benefit from our two-phase orthodontic treatment.

Two-Phase Treatment: More Than Just a Process

Two-phase treatment is more than just a process; it’s a journey toward a shinier, more confident smile for your child. But what makes it so unique? Let’s peruse some of the key benefits.

One of the most significant advantages of two-phase treatment is its proactive nature. By intervening early, we can guide the jaw’s growth, correct harmful oral habits, and create space for crowded teeth. This early action often leads to a more balanced and functional bite and a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Early treatment can also positively impact your child’s self-esteem. By addressing aesthetic concerns earlier, we can help your child feel more confident about their smile during their formative years.

So, who stands to benefit the most from this treatment? Two-phase treatment is typically recommended for children who exhibit specific orthodontic issues early, usually around ages 7 to 10. These issues might include crossbites, severe crowding, or protruding front teeth. You might hear the doctor call these issues “malocclusions.” Don’t sweat that word. Think of them as “bad bites.” 

What to Expect During Two-Phase Treatment 

During phase one, we focus on assisting your child’s jaw growth and creating conditions for the future alignment of permanent teeth. This phase usually involves using specific orthodontic appliances and lasts about 6-12 months. 

After this, there’s a rest period where the rest of your child’s grownup teeth can erupt under their own steam. You need rest. But did you know that your child’s teeth need rest? They need time to recoup and heal from phase one.  

Phase two typically lasts around a year or two in some cases. It involves full braces or clear aligners. During this phase, we focus on ensuring each tooth is in the right place in the mouth, which balances the teeth with the lips, cheeks, and tongue to create a gorgeous grin.

At Innovative Orthodontics, we’re committed to making the treatment process as smooth and stress-free as possible. We’re here to support you and your child throughout their treatment, answering any questions you might have and providing the highest level of orthodontic care.

Dr. Waters and Dr. Clayton have seen countless young patients benefit from our two-phase orthodontic treatment.

Innovative Orthodontics: Your Partner in Creating Beautiful Smiles

At Innovative Orthodontics, we’re passionate about creating beautiful smiles in our communities. We believe every child deserves a beaming, radiant smile that boosts confidence. Two-phase treatment is just one of the many ways Dr. Waters and Dr. Clayton make this a reality. If you’re curious about how this innovative approach could benefit your child, we’re here to help. Schedule a free consultation with us today! We have three locations conveniently located in Pooler, Savannah, and Rincon. We can’t wait to see you!